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Profesör June 2, 2010

Posted by Steven Bartus in Quick Eats, Turkish Cuisine.

I sometimes wonder about the distance that would be covered if I lined up all of the lamb intestine I’ve consumed as kokoreç during my time in Turkey. It might stretch for miles. This past weekend I added to this distance with a visit to Profesör.

Profesör advertises itself as one of the top ten kokoreç places in Turkey, a status that I believe is based on this 2004 ranking in Hürriyet. According to the article, founder Adnan Zengin incorporates special ingredients from Mersin into his kokoreç and prepares it in ‘hygienic conditions’. Over fourteen years in business, Zengin’s work earned him the nickname that now stands as the name of the restaurant.

I will concur with Hürriyet that Profesör offers some exceptional kokoreç. The spicing is dynamic but not overwhelming, and the consistency maintains the all-important delicate balance between substance and texture. It’s quite comparable to Kıtır, although in the end I would give Profesör the edge.

However, the title of ‘Best Kokoreç in Ankara’ cannot be awarded until I try the much-praised offerings at Atatürk Orman Çiftliği. I will do so once I figure how to get there without a car.

The menu at Profesör also contains midye tava, köfte ekmek and chicken wings. They looked tasty, but the confines of a reasonable meal prevented me from sampling them.

Profesör has four locations around Ankara: Anıtepe, Sıhıye, Kızılay and Kavaklıdere. This review is based on the latter location on Bestekar Sk. (Google Maps). Profesör is on the expensive side; a portion of kokoreç costs 7.50TL ($4.75 at 1.59TL/$). Alcohol is served.


1. Deniz Elaslan - June 3, 2010

Mr. Bartus,
As I realized that you are a big kokorec fan (as I am), I strongly suggest you to try Pikolet which is absolutely the best kokorec place in Ankara. It’s in Genclik caddesi No:101 very near to Duveroglu. And I suggest you try vegetable kokokec. Best,

Steven Bartus - June 3, 2010

Thanks for the suggestion, Deniz. I’ll definitely check it out.

2. John A - June 3, 2010

You can get to Ataturk Orman Çiftliği by dolmuş from Kızılay or train from Sıhhıye.

Steven Bartus - June 3, 2010

From Güvenpark?

3. ümit - June 4, 2010

ı am a huge kokoreç fan.ı ate it in every city .pikolet is the best especially with vegetable.
but ifyou wanna taste the real kokoreç(no vegetable)rumeli restaurant in tunalı or kızılay is best.
good luck!

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5. Deniz - June 8, 2010

I have to object, in my opinion Pikolet offers mediocre kokoreç. The best i had was Tunalı Kıtır’s, but i’ll try that Doğata Satış Mağazası asap. Can’t really remember in which vendors i ate kokoreç in my previous visits.

6. Pikolet « Eating Ankara - June 17, 2010

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