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The End July 11, 2010

Posted by Steven Bartus in News.

After two great years in Ankara, my time in Turkey has come to an end. I’m returning to America at the end of the summer to pursue a new career, and this unfortunately means that Eating Ankara must come to an end.

Since September, I’ve written about 44 different eateries, covering all aspects of Turkish and foreign cuisine, from the cheapest street food to some of the most expensive restaurants in the city. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, and I’m sure that I’ll find myself missing this place and its food once I’m back home. Thanks to everyone for reading and for the suggestions and feedback along the way.

My efforts on this blog, although substantial, have by no means been exhaustive. There are still many more great restaurants in Ankara worth reviewing. The following is a list (in no particular order) of the ones I wanted to try, but didn’t have the time to do so. Check them out for yourself:

  • Balıkçıköy
  • Quente
  • Altınpark Çin Restorant
  • Gar Lokantası
  • Hacı Arif Bey
  • Yakamoz
  • Mangal Dünyası
  • Ankara Ocakbaşı
  • Günaydın
  • Num Num
  • Tike
  • Butcha
  • Wine House
  • Dafne
  • Kale Washington
  • Lanterna
  • Sushi Co.

Gurusunuz, Türkiye!


1. Kerem - July 11, 2010

Have a nice trip back home, hope you enjoyed Turkish food.

2. Ezequiel - July 11, 2010

I enjoyed very much your blog!!! Have a great come back to America and the best for your future planes! Ezequiel

3. Deniz - July 12, 2010

Thank you for your suggestions and have a safe trip back home. Hope you the best.

4. ümit - July 12, 2010

reading your blog was a joy.thanks for your suggestions.ümit

5. Deniz - July 13, 2010

Despite a population of 5 million, Ankara seriously lacks blogs, web-sites and other online sources about it’s eateries, even in Turkish. This blog was indeed an important contribution. My blog will also come to an end very soon, I hope websites like ours increase. Good luck in America!

6. Terry Henson Kaymak - July 20, 2010

Wishing you well my friend. thanks for all of the great reviews. hopfully i can review a few of your list for you!

7. Ankara Mahpusu - August 6, 2010

Ankara is loosing a great eating blog. Thanks a lot!
I wish best of all for you at your new career adventure. 🙂

8. Beste - May 22, 2011

I have just started reading your blog and you’re leaving. How sad… Well, hope to have you over again soon.

But since you have till the end of summer, can you please write a review on Butcha? :)I mean I hear all these contradicting comments and I just can’t bring myself to make a reservation. I’ve never eaten at a steakhouse before and being an American, I think yours would be an educated review. Do they make anything close to the true American steaks? I hope you’ll have the time to try it out before leaving. Thanks!

Steven Bartus - May 23, 2011

Unfortunately, I left almost a year ago (crazy how time flies). But I do wish that I was still in town to check out new places!

I would temper your expectations with Butcha. Turks tend have a pathological aversion to cooking meet on the rare side, which is requisite for a good steak. But I could be wrong, so you’ll have to give it a try and let me know.

Terry Henson Kaymak - May 23, 2011

I just went to Butcha about a week ago. They are the best steaks you are going to find in Ankara. Wish I had taken photos to review on my blog . . . The steaks were rare, or at least close. i found that amazing. And nice and thick!

Beste - May 23, 2011

Right-o, note to self, check the date before commenting on a blog post.

“Turks tend have a pathological aversion to cooking meet on the rare side,”

Haha, that’s true. Pink is not a suitable color for meat according to Turks 🙂 It’s gotta be cooked to the limit, the drier the better. Hey, maybe that’s why we use copious amounts of tomato sauce and butter with our meat dishes, to get them a little juicy? Hmm…

I think I’ll take Terry’s advice and give Butcha a try. I’ll let you know. It’s not like we have a variety of steakhouse choices in Ankara anyways. Thanks!

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