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Çadır Kebap October 22, 2009

Posted by Steven Bartus in Turkish Cuisine.
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Çadır KebapAs I mentioned in a previous post, Turkish restaurants tend to heavily feature meat in their entrées.  This is because, I’ve been told, the average Turk does not consume much meat at home due to the high cost in this country as well as certain aspects of traditional cooking.  Thus a dinner outside of the house is something of a special occasion, and restaurants cater to the moment with very meat-centric options.

While there are countless places to eat adana kebap, tavuk şiş and et döner in Ankara, I have found most to be quite average in their preparation of the meat.  Çadır Kebap is a good alternative to these mediocre offerings.  Located on Eskişehir Yolu (Google Maps), the meat dishes at Çadır are very well prepared and complemented by a great selection of salads.  I sampled a variety of them at dinner the other night with a group of friends and found the tablacı salata to be the most flavorful.  For entrées, the kuzu şiş, beyti and acılı adana were noteworthy.  There are good meze options, such as patlıcan ezme and humus, to consider as well.  And for those with a sweet tooth, the künefe and sütlaç are not the best I’ve had, but both are above average.

Çadır Kebap is not an inexpensive establishment, but its prices are fairly reasonable.  Salads, appetizers and desserts average about 6TL each ($4 at 1.47TL/$), while main courses are priced between 12 and 15TL ($8-10).  Alcohol is also served.