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Çino Kokoreç October 13, 2009

Posted by Steven Bartus in Quick Eats, Turkish Cuisine.

Cino  011

Ulus is one area of Ankara that is not often frequented by the city’s expat community.  Many Turks go to great lengths to dissuade foreigners from visiting this older, poorer and more conservative neighborhood.  Some have gone as far as to suggest that one risks physical harm if he dares to walk these streets.  In my experience, these fears are entirely exaggerated.  I have encountered some of the most cordial and welcoming people in the city during my trips to Ulus.

This year I have been making a habit of doing my produce shopping at the Ulus Hali (Google Maps), a large wholesale market on Alsancak Sk.  The fruits and vegetables are half the price and twice the quality of what I get in Bilkent.  The men who work the various stands are also very friendly and appreciate the novelty of a yabancı (foreigner) in a distinctly local place.  Through their recommendations, I discovered Çino Kokoreç.  Adjacent to the market’s entrance, it’s a popular place to enjoy the deliciousness of lamb intestine.  A yarım portion (one half) will cost you 4.50TL ($3 at 1.46TL/$).


1. Battle Damaged Kanka - October 22, 2009

Looks very different from the sandwich you photographed at Şampiyon. A comparison would be nice.

2. Steven Bartus - October 22, 2009

The major difference is that it wasn’t chopped as finely. This makes it more obvious that you are eating intestines. But the consistency might change with the man working the knives, so I’ll have to wait until the next time I’m there to past judgment with more certainty.

3. oliver Simsek - April 5, 2010

Cino Kokorec ist besser gescmack als andere Kokoretsch und köstlich.
das war am besten geschmack für mich bis heute. Mitarbeitern benutzen Handschuhe ich finde sehr gut diesen Grund.
ich empfehle meine alle deutsche Kameraden
danke Meister-Yilmaz und gute Arbeit

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